Official playlists are guaranteed exposure

Getting on official Spotify playlists is something every artists wants. Being on an official playlist means guaranteed exposure and internally it ranks you and your song up – this exposure may be smaller or bigger, depending on the playlists.

Important to know is, that the Spotify editorials are split into 2 different groups. There are the international genre-specific genres and the territorial/national editorials. For example: Germany, Switzerland & Austria share one editorial. These territorial/national editorials are responsible for the ‘New Music Friday’ playlists and also have genre-specific playlists, some more – some less.

The usual way to end up on an official playlist: Your label requests a pitch (either directly if they have a connection to the editorial) or via their distributor (some distributors do not offer this). Distributors usually have at least the pitch contact for their own country / territory. Unfortunately, the distributors can’t pitch 1000 tracks a week – and they usually have many labels, so they need to do a pre-selection. They will pitch the content, that has the highest chances. The same counts for labels – the label definitely liked your track if they signed it, but it may be, that they don’t have a pitch contact themself or used all their available pitches for the period already.

Pitch agency work

This is the point where promotion agencies with pitch offers come into the game. Over the time, we gathered many contacts for pitches: Genre-specific international, territorial and also many independent playlist curators. But like labels & distributors, we have also limitations: The maximum amount of pitches per editorial is usually limited per week. Beside that, when doing a pitch, you want to avoid to pitch to much content, that does not hit the likes of the curators. Imagine you get like 4’000 submissions a day – and there is person sending you 10 a week and you didn’t like even one. Wouldn’t you also start to not even check this person’s submission?


As the number of pitches per week is limited, we cannot pitch every song. Not even every song we like. We have to do an extreme pre-selection, to limit the risk of the client and to use our available pitches with maximum efficiency. Have you ever wondered, why a pitch campaign is rather expensive compared to other marketing & promotion options? Now you have your answer. You don’t pay for results, you pay actually for the fact, that the agency is using one of their limited pitches for you – for the long time, the agency has built up the contact to the playlists curators and for hundreds of hours it took to actually even get these contacts.

What results do you guarantee?

Unfortunately, regarding pitch results there are no guarantees. Neither we can force Spotify to like your song and playlist it, nor can we just take out the wallet and pay them for playlisting your song – it simply does not work. This is why we do a strict preselection. If we don’t see a chance for a successfull pitch, we do not sell you a pitch package. One of our primary guidelines is to sell only what makes sense. In case we don’t see any chance for an official Spotify playlist, we could try an independent playlist pitch campaign – this would be much cheaper and decreasing your risk. It’s neither in our, nor in your interest to waste your money.

Keep in mind: The competition is huge. Some editorials get multiple thousand submission every single day – with usually only a small team available to listen to them. Especially on the international level, you’re competing against worldwide superstars with releases and promotional budgets of 100’000 dollars and more.

What is required?

A pitch to official playlists has to be done before the actual release date. Depending on the editorial, we need all required data up to 3 weeks before the actual release. In case our pre-selection was positive and you decided to book a pitch campaign, we need the following things:

  • You should definitely be verified artist (by the moment the pitch takes place)
  • A full length MP3 in 320kbit/s (properly ID3 tagged)
  • The cover artwork (3000x3000px)
  • Your promotion text for the release
  • The release date
  • The label copy
  • Contact details of your manager (if you have one) and your label
  • The Spotify URI (not URL) of the song (you have to get that one from your distributor/label)
  • Information about radio success / tour data (depending on editorial)
  • A press picture (min. 3’000px on the longest side)
  • The genre (classificartion on the distributor backend)

How much does it cost?

The number of variables ist simply too big, to make a fixed pricing. We need to hear your song first to make an estimation, to how many playlists we can & should pitch it. In the end, it heavily depends on the genre of your song, the quality and also your status as artist on Spotify. Get in touch with us for the free pre-selection (no obligations for you).

What do I get if there are no results?

To actually have a chance to win, you need to play “the game”. When we pitch, even if there is no result in form of a playlist entry for you, we still used our pitch. We do not get that pitch back in that week. We also spent some serious time discussing the pitch on the team, selecting the proper playlists & editorials to get the best possible chances for you and actually doing the personal pitch. We do not do any massmailing or use standard phrases. Every pitch is 100% personal, which is a serious time factor.

Do you offer discounts? Are there any sales?

Discounts are possible if you order a certain amount of pitches in a package. We might be running sales weeks or special offers in the future, sign up to our newsletter to get a notification if any discounts/sales are up.

Can i do something to increase my chances for a succesfull pitch?

In fact you can. Being an artist, that is very active on Spotify, definitely helps. Get verified as early as possible, build a proper profile (professional pictures, biography), have your own playlists and market your profile. Spotify wants to be treated as primary partner. If you post just Beatport links or have your releases always with Beatport exclusivity will have a negative effect. Releasing your song on a friday also is a clever move – as most editorials have their “New Music Friday” as key playlist for brandnew songs in all genres. Generally said: The more relevant you are for an editorial, the more likely it is, that they take your song. Relevance is defined by your origin (for example the editorial for Germany is more likely taking your song if you are from Germany), touring schedule (if youre having a big tour in that country right now), existing audience (having already many fans/listeners/followers in that country) and your marketing efforts with target Spotify (if strong marketing efforts targeting Spotify are clearly visible on your social media presences).


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